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Meet Our Expert Chiropractic and Wellness Professionals.

LA Performance Care is a chiropractic wellness center located in Hawthorne, California. We are committed to helping you eliminate pain and discomfort with non-invasive, and evidence-based therapies.

Dr. Steve Gautreau

Dr. Steve Gautreau

Owner, Chiropractor

Kent Johnson

Kent Johnson

Physical Trainer

Cindy Rosas

Cindy Rosas

Internal Operations

If You Are Hurting, Let Us Help You Heal

Modern life and the limits of our current healthcare system have left many of us needlessly suffering with pain, disabilities and dysfunctions. Our exceptional team partners with all ages and abilities, providing holistic, professional care, full attention and outstanding service. We look forward to facilitating your healing.

Why Choose Us


Chiropractic care for all ages, even kids!


Whole body, whole mind healing.


Safe, gentle and effective methods.


50+ years combined experience.


State of the art equipment and diagnostics.

Dr. Steve Gautreau

Dr. Steve Gautreau

Owner, Chiropractor


I have had the privilege of practicing a progressive and compassionate form of health care for over eighteen years. In this time, I have partnered with over six thousand people to help them resolve a wide array of health concerns. I have helped with severe and crippling lower back pain, every conceivable soft tissue injury, and managing chronic degenerative neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s. I have improved sports performance for weekend warriors, high school state champions, collegiate athletes of all sports, and professional athletes in baseball, volleyball, soccer and football.

It has been an incredible opportunity and experience to learn how we, as people, can better develop, heal, achieve robust health, and master the experience of healthy aging. The longer I practice the more convinced I am that to be an effective facilitator of healing, it is necessary to create a relationship of trust and mutual responsibility with each of you that I work with. I bring my head, my heart, and my hands – while you bring the willingness and attention to be the healer. We can then structure our program within the four foundations of health and healing. They are:

  • appropriate rest and sleep
  • a practice of mindfulness and meditation
  • sound diet and supplementation
  • good movement skills (including posture)
  • exercise and athletics

Aside from the thousands of relationships I’ve had the privilege to be part of, the greatest aspect of my job is that I get to live and practice the same principles of health and healing that I teach you. As I enter the second half of it, I am eager for opportunities to share my education and experiences in all areas of healthy living including principles of diet, exercise and mindfulness as well as products and supplements I believe in.

Yours in great heath,
Dr. Steve Gautreau, DC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is based on interactions of the spine and nervous system, as well as the surrounding muscles.

Are chiropractors doctors?

Yes, Doctors of Chiropractic (also known as chiropractors) have the most stringent educational requirements of any health care profession.

What is an adjustment?

The goal of this procedure, also known as spinal manipulation, is to improve spinal motion and improve your body’s physical function.

Are all patients adjusted the same way?

Each patient’s care is unique and therefore customized to meet their specific condition and needs. Dr. Steve will modify adjustments based on your size, weight, age and health condition.

Is back pain common?

More than 80 percent of people experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. In fact, it is one of the most reported reasons people miss work and is the second most frequent reason patients visit the doctor.

What is the “popping” noise sometimes heard during an adjustment?

The “popping” or “cracking” noise is simply the release of gas from a joint when bones move, much like when you “pop” the cork out of a bottle

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